Israel divided on how far to go in Gaza fighting; rememberi

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As the conflict between Hamas and Israel has escalated, debate continues in Israel over how aggressive to be in retaliating for ongoing terror provocation. Staff Writer Stewart Ain reports on the pros and cons, and Israel Correspondent Michele Chabin describes the scene in Ashkelon, where the malls are deserted and residents want Israel to take strong action.

Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, the father of the Jewish Renewal movement, died this past week at the age of 89. Associate Editor Jonathan Mark reflects on his legacy, and author Sara Davidson, whose recently published book on Reb Zalman, "The December Project," describes his preparation for the end of life, offers a personal essay on what she learned from the master teacher.

Also this week, local memorial services for the three slain Israeli teenagers bring out large crowds and deep emotions; supper club goes kosher; Kellner lawyer seekingtough sentence for molester; New York premiere of opera by long-forgotten Jewish composer; and annual Jewish Week comedy contest winners share their wit.

We join our readers in praying for the speedy conclusion of the Mideast fighting that will result in a more secure Israel and renewed prospects for a path toward peace.