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Yom Hazikaron

Time:2017-05-04 13:38 Source:未知 Writer:cjss read:

Each year, the day before celebrating Israel’s Independence Day, the nation collectively mourns those who have fallen to protect the State of Israel. Israel’s Memorial Day is dedicated those who lost their lives fighting for the establishment of Israel and for all military personnel who were killed while in active duty in Israel’s armed forces. The day also remembers those who have been killed through acts of terror against the State of Israel both domestically and abroad.

For 24 hours all other activities in Israel are stopped to pay respect to the fallen. This represents the appreciation on a personal level of all Israelis for the sacrifices made by these individuals to ensure the security and existence of the Jewish State. The day is marked by the sound of a siren that is heard twice throughout the country, during which the entire nation comes to a standstill to observe two-minutes of silence. Ceremonies are held at military cemeteries, memorials and other sites across the nation to pay respect for the fallen.

To share this experience with you, we are sending the speech made by former Israeli Prime Minister and Chief of Staff Yitzhak Rabin who was himself murdered in his struggle to bring peace and stability to Israel. In 1967, Rabin made this speech as he received an honorary doctorate following the bloody Six Day War, in which Israel liberated Jerusalem and brought it back into Jewish hands after 2000 years. In the speech, Rabin extended his sympathy and empathy to the fallen enemy as well as to the families of Israeli soldiers who had fallen in battle. He stressed that the marvelous heroism of Israel’s soldiers was due to their conviction that this was a just war.  Then Prime Minister Rabin also attributed the success of the Israeli army to their spiritual motivation, which served to sustain them against superior numbers of enemy soldiers armed with better weapons - A message which still rings true today and which is the essence of Israel’s Memorial Day.