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Welcoming the Year of the Horse ---best wishes from CJSS

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   Chinese New Year 

Welcoming in the Year of the Horse 




The Year of the Horse is soon to arrive and it is a time of great joy in China. During this season more than 300 million Chinese are traveling to their home towns as a part of the biggest human migration of the year.  


It is a time in which Chinese families unite for a seven day holiday and China is literally comes to a halt.


Interestingly, across the World we have a strong admiration of the Horse.  In England, the Brits recall King Richard's outcry for a Horse - "A Horse, A Horse My Kingdom for Horse." (Shakespeare's Richard III) .


In China, the Chinese regard the Horse as a magnificent animal since it is energetic, warm-hearted, and intelligent.  In Chinese, a capable person is referred to as "Qianli Ma" (千里马) (Thousand Li Horse), meaning a horse that can ride a thousand Li a day. (500 km a day!).


Please use this opportunity to send your warm regards to your Chinese business partners and friends, and you can always find us ,the whole staff members of CJSS from our website.


Wishing you and your family a wonderful Spring Festival, longevity and prosperity upon the commencement of the Year of the Horse.


We'll close with the traditional greeting - Gōngxǐ fācái 恭喜发财.

Your friend