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The book “The Jews in China” was presented in Moscow

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On February 26, the school of Oriental studies of the Higher school of Economics hosted a presentation and discussion of the book "Jews in China". The author of the publication is the head Of the center for Jewish studies of the Shanghai Academy of social Sciences, Deputy head of the Chinese center for Middle East studies pan Guang.
"The Chinese and Jewish peoples belong to the oldest Nations in the world and represent 2 great civilizations. Contact between them began with the arrival of the ancient Jews in China along the great silk road. Since the second half of the nineteenth century, Russian Ashkenazi Jews have come to China, and many have settled in Harbin, Shanghai, Shenyang, Qingdao, Hailar, Qiqihar, Beijing, Hong Kong, Manchuria, and other cities and regions of China. Jews have established deep friendly relations with the Chinese people, and Russian – speaking Jews from present-day Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia have greatly influenced the development of Chinese cities," pan Guang wrote in a message to the participants of the presentation and round table. According to the author, he hopes that his book "will promote the development of traditional friendship between the Chinese and Jewish peoples, as well as contribute to the development of friendly relations and cooperation between China, Russia, Israel and all countries where Russian-speaking Jews live."
The book was discussed by representatives of the Russian foreign Ministry, HSE Professor Alexey Maslov, Deputy mufti of Moscow and Central Russia Denis Mustafin, representative of The Chinese Patriarchal compound hieromonk Kirill, and representatives of other public organizations. At the end of the presentation, a methodological seminar "Interaction of cultures and religions: experience of adaptation of compatriots and migrants from far abroad" was held.
According to Mikhail Chernov, head of the Russia-Eurasia project and Chairman of the Board of the Foundation for support and development of Jewish culture, traditions, education and science, the long-standing ties between the Jewish and Chinese peoples do not lose their relevance. "These ties were in the past connected with the functioning of the Great silk road. China is currently implementing the "one belt – one road" program. There is no doubt that many representatives of the Jewish people will participate in its implementation in one way or another. This is the "connection of times", " Chernov said. He also noted that Jews played a significant role in the formation of modern China in the twentieth century, sincerely helped it and enjoyed great confidence of the Chinese leadership. "Some became generals, members of the CPC and the people's consultative Council of China, such as Israel Epstein, who wrote one of the prefaces to this book," the head of the Foundation added.
A word from pan Guang to the presentation of the book "Jews in China" in Moscow:
First of all, I congratulate you on the release of the Russian translation of the album "Jews in China", as well as on its successful presentation to the public.
The Chinese and Jewish peoples are among the oldest Nations in the world and represent two great civilizations. Contact between them began when the ancient Jews entered China along the great silk road. After the second half of the 19th century, Russian (Ashkenazic) Jews came to China, located in Harbin, Shanghai, Shenyang, Qingdao,Hailar, Qiqihar, Manchuria, Beijing, Hong Kong and other cities in China. They established a deep friendship with the Chinese people and also had a great influence on the development of these cities. My this book is in the richest illustrated form tells readers about this story.
It should be noted that my book, which deals with Russian (Ashkenazic) Jews in China, covers not only Jews from Russia, but also those with close ties to Russia, Russian-speaking Jews who came to China from Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, and Central and Eastern European countries. Many of them then left for Israel.
Currently, relations between China and Russia and the above-mentioned countries are at the best period in their history. Many Russian-speaking Jews who live in China and contribute to the development and reform of China are coming to China again. I hope that this book contributes to the development of traditional friendship between the Chinese and Jewish peoples, and also contributes to the development of friendly and cooperative relations between China and Russia, and Israel and those countries where Russian-speaking Jews live.
Here I must Express my gratitude to Mr. Igor Sirenko of the Russian Silver thread publishing house, to the editors Gao Lei and Li Xiaomeng of the Chinese Intercontinental publishing house, to the translators of this book, G. Andrey Grigoryevich Fesyun and G. Igor Mazharov, as well as to the proofreader of the translation, Dr. Zhang Jianzhong, and the scientific editor, Professor Mikhail Chlenov, without their hard work and effort, this book could not have been published.
Pan Guang
February 11, 2020
Center for Jewish studies
Shanghai Academy of social Sciences


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